Who Am I

Ever since I was a small child growing up well into my teen years, I have always been fascinated with the business world. I remember thinking deeply of wanting to someday establish my own company, business, and brand as I thumbed through GQ Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Aside from that, I was fascinated with other types of literature, such as with encyclopedias and history books (my intellectual side) and nursery rhymes/fairytales (my creative side), to national geographic and many other books and magazines of various sorts, mainly dealing with some type of business or entertainment. Not to mention, I was a bit intrigued by religious art depicted in angelic pictures found throughout the Bible (my spiritual side). I guess some could say I was 3-dimensional, not only in reality, but in thought!

While chasing these dreams however, I have always had a heart for God. Thanks To Him, my chasing has developed into the "capturing the moment," and true realization of some of these dreams. I haven't reached my full potential as of yet, but I expect more to come in the days ahead; for I feel this is only the beginning!

Thanks for helping me to explore these "new lands," and in all humbleness and with genuine humility, occupy some of them.

With respect to all involved, be blessed.

Samuel Rosette Jr.